Monday, January 26, 2015

Galvagrit in Seattle: We’re Singing in the Rain, Not Slipping!

The Hubbell companies’ products have reached across to the other side of the country! Our Galvagrit can now be seen out in Seattle, Washington along the Seattle Seawall which is a job that ST Fabrication Inc. has been working on with Manson Construction Co. and Mortenson.

Galvagrit is a special product we offer at Hubbell Galvanizing that our customers order if they want an anti-slip surface coating on their product, which is very similar to Slip-NOT. Galvagrit comes in different slip-resistant grades that are available to keep people safe from any liquids that may be on the surface of a walk-way, ladder, staircase, or any other places that someone may be walking. Galvagrit meets or exceeds the OSHA, ADA, and ASTM requirements for slip resistance and coefficient of friction. It is also UL classified. Our Galvagrit can be custom applied to your project or we can supply you with stock sheets.

So, after you enjoy a ride on the Seattle Ferris Wheel, when you’re walking around on the pier you’ll know you’re safe because there will be Galvagrit there under your feet to keep you steady and not slip from all of the Washington rain and drizzle.

You know who to call if you can’t afford to slip—you need Galvagrit!

Photo Credit: John Weber

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