Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hubbell Galvanizing Goes to ThinkZinc! 2015

“Why is it shiny in some areas and dull gray in others?” Every year the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) hosts ThinkZinc--a three day seminar comprised of four specific classes in beautiful Denver, Colorado to help us answer questions like these.

The main objective of ThinkZinc is to increase our knowledge as galvanizers in order to help us effectively market the hot dip galvanizing process to architects, engineers and specifiers. The seminar this year had 41 participants from galvanizing companies all over the United States and Canada.


This year Hubbell Galvanizing elected Diane Mulvihill and Ali Semeraro to attend this year’s event as they are both relatively new to the company and had the most to gain from the experience. Primarily in the accounting department, Semeraro does not play a role in the galvanizing process itself. However, it is essential for everyone to have an understanding of production within the company.

“I have been exposed to this information gradually throughout the year and now I have to say that I feel more confident in my knowledge of the galvanizing process. I feel as though I can contribute that much more to my company by taking on new tasks and getting involved in other departments. I learned that I still have a lot to learn!" says, Semeraro.

Mulvihill, who is more familiar with the steel fabrication process, describes her experience as “...Very helpful. The presenters made the information easy to understand and presented that information in an interesting way while incorporating real-world examples and fun team activities to get all of us at the seminar excited about what we were doing and learning.”

Overall, the experience was a success. The information was presented in a comprehensive way by the AGA marketing director and other staff, which both girls understood and easily followed along with. Part of the curriculum included the participants studying three or more slides from the “Galvanizeit!” PowerPoint in order to present the information to the class as if they were giving the actual presentation. As a result of this experience, each participant is certified to give the entire presentation to groups to help spread the word of why galvanizing is the answer. The primary audience for these presentations includes architects and engineers, who in turn can choose galvanizing as corrosion protection for their projects.

Our most daunting task as galvanizers is combating the lack of understanding regarding what galvanizing actually is. What we can do is communicate how hot dip galvanizing can benefit any project as catholic corrosion protection for exposed structural steel, rebar and many other applications of steel. By educating as many individuals as possible about the process, we can effectively market our product and services as well as preserving America’s valuable natural resources.

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