Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hubbell Galvanizing Goes to NYSATE 2016

Hubbell Galvanizing recently attended the 2016 NYSATE Conference in beautiful Lake Placid, NY.  There were an abundance of NYS DOT Engineers and personnel that Jack Mulvihill, Chris White, Pete Hubbell and Jake Crowell met and spoke with about the services and products that we offer at Hubbell Galvanizing.  Many of our customers and vendors also had booths alongside us at the US Olympic Hockey Rink.  Some customers also gave presentations on various topics and one such customer even touched on our slip resistant surface that we call “Galvagrit.”  Overall, it was a successful show and many contacts were made.

Pictured: Chris White and Jake Crowell ready to invite you to learn about our products
 (Photo Credit: Jack Mulvihill)

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Monday, May 9, 2016

New Chromic Tank for Hubbells

Hubbell Galvanizing replaced the old chromic tank this past week with a new one that Hermosa Corporation made for them. This new tank weighed in at ~38 thousand pounds. Nate Mastro supplied us with the following pictures of the installation.

(All Photo Credit Goes To: Nate Mastro)

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Galvanizing Highlight from 2015: The Weathervane and Interview with Artist and Sculptor Will Salisbury

Written by: Ali Semeraro

As we begin our journey through the infancy of 2016 we must not forget the great things that happened in 2015. One of which was our project with accomplished artist and sculptor Will Salisbury of Upstate NY, completed in the summer of 2015.

You may be more familiar with his Three Crows sculpture, usually located about a half-mile south of I-81, but now we would like to introduce you to the Weathervane (See photos and photo credits below).

Commissioned by a property owner and Fox network employee, the bear sits atop its perch on a 100-year-old tower located on Comfort Island, surrounded by the natural beauty of the St. Lawrence River in Alexandria Bay New York. The tower is approximately 80 feet in height, see the instillation process here Bear Instillation Video.

Bronze is Salisbury’s medium of choice but due to high demand and the malleability of steel, it has been the ideal material for many of his recent projects, including the weathervane. He states that working with steel is almost like working with clay. “It is very easy to work with.”

In order to preserve all his hard work, Salisbury stated that he chose galvanizing as well as powder coating as the method of corrosion protection because together the duplex coating system is the “perfect marriage” to preserve the sculpture in the surrounding environment. He used the word “permanence” when I asked him about the coating. For some added protection he also uses clear enamel coatings over the details he paints (using automotive paint) after the piece has been powder coated.

Salisbury is very happy with his experience working with Hubbell Galvanizing and Fortress Fusion Coatings. We have been able to help him meet his needs and the needs of his clients. Galvanizing is ideal for projects with larger carvings and details.

I went on to ask him what he does differently to a sculpture knowing it is going to be galvanized after construction. “I have to vent the sculpture. This has to be a discussion with the client beforehand and becomes part of the original drafted design.” Said Salisbury.  

His next project is to be a set of fish skeletons to be installed on the side of an architect’s home, which he says will be galvanized with us as well! We will certainly look forward to this project!
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Skimming the ash away from the bear as it comes out of the galvanizing tank
(Photo credit: Hubbell Galvanizing)

The bear coming out of the galvanizing tank
(Photo credit: Hubbell Galvanizing)

The bear after being powder coated with Will Salisbury the artist standing next to his sculpture
(Photo credit: Will Salisbury)

The bear is almost ready to be installed on the tower
(Photo credit: Will Salisbury)

The bear from his perch in the wind where he will stay for many years
(Photo credit: Will Salisbury)

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