Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Spotlight on Artwork: Muskie in the Galvanizing Tank

Hubbell Galvanizing and Fortress Fusion Coatings Inc. not only galvanize and powder coat structures, bridge rail and fences, but we also have a lot of artwork that comes through our plant as well. Recently we completed a galvanizing job for the town of Clayton, New York’s fishing competition which features the opportunity to catch the largest muskie (a native fish to upstate New York). Will Salisbury, the artist, created a muskie sculpture out of steel, which we were then asked to galvanize and give it a two-toned powder coat. After our employees took the muskie out of the galvanizing tank, it weighed in at 345 pounds. The fish was then taken over to Fortress Fusion and powder coated with care, and we are proud to say that it came out beautifully. Mr. Salisbury plans on painting on scales, spots/markings, realistic eyeballs and other details on top of the powder coating to fully finish his artwork. We at Hubbell Galvanizing and Fortress Fusion Coatings Inc. are sure the town of Clayton’s residents will enjoy this exquisite piece of art, and we wish to remind our present and future customers that we are always happy to take a look at your steel artwork and give you a quote.

Please feel free to look at our pictures of the process below.

The muskie coming out of the galvanizing tank (See pictures below)

The muskie polished after being galvanized (See pictures below)

The muskie after being primed (See pictures below)

The muskie after being powder coated grey (See picture below)
 The muskie after being powder coated with detailing (See picture below)
The muskie prebake (See picture below) 
The finished muskie (See pictures below)

Photos courtesy of Nate Mastro and Emmite White

For more information, please refer to the following websites below:

Hubbell Galvanizing:
Fortress Fusion Coatings Inc.:
Will Salisbury (the artist):

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